Dirty Pictures


This series deals with transgression and identity, blurring the boundaries between the physical and the virtual. 

Vintage images of lust are juxtaposed onto found sources, to build dreamy, incomplete narratives. The images are portraits of lust for intimacy, while online sources and apps serve as a cheap, easy alternative. The individual feels detached from real world while ephemeral virtual reality is immediate and more significant. The unlimited possibilities made available by the virtual platform build tense situations based on the promise of more excitement and fulfillment. As on the free-flowing digital media, where adrenaline is fed to the mind via a screen, the dynamics of relationships are changing so fast that one barely has time to take in the changes and updates, let alone analyze the impact on our overall well-being.

Various works from the series have been exhibited in a number of collective exhibitions. All prints are one offs, with a majority being intervened on with different media.

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