We Can’t Be Lovers is personal as much as political – it goes beyond depictions of intimate interiors, suggestive scenes and bold statements. Dynamics of relationships are changing so fast that on one barely has time to take in the changes and updates, let alone analyze the impact on our overall well-being. 

We Can’t Be Lovers presents a universal insight of imagery which is relatable on a personal level, just as much as a Facebook Wall is. What was considered private is nowadays exposed and flaunted without much assessment, with Tinder operating as a meat market and Instagram as a 24/7 window shopping portal. Monoprinting as a technique is a delicate balance between a harsh, delicate line, haziness and accidental marks, perfectly illustrating the relation between online personas and possible virtual deceptions, as opposed to the underlying, harsh truth. Just like Internet memes, these monoprints blur the boundaries between text and images; a staple in Falzon’s works. 

This body of work sees a departure from the heavy political context presented in his previous solo shows. We Can’t Be Lovers The exhibition was curated by Michael Fenech.  

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