RyanFalzon(b.1988) is a painter andprintmaker basedbetweenMalta and Berlin.Falzonportrayscontemporarylifestyle and scenery in an expressive, brutallyhonest manner,merging the political with the personal. Overthe past few years, Falzon has established a distinctive voice andapproach in the local Art scene. Often abrasive and mischievous, hiswork is known for creating a narrative by bringing together awide-ranging set of images in a collage-like arrangement, allowingthe viewer to wander about visually.

From2013 to 2015, Ryan Falzon was the driving force behind the creationof an open studio project based at the Xarolla Windmill, in Zurrieq,which supported work by emerging artists. In May 2014, Falzon waschosen by Absolut Vodka as an artist for the “Transform Today”worldwide project. Falzon has also had his writings published in “L”and“Taħziz 1”, both projects being platforms for emergentauthors. He currently teaches Visual Art at St. Edward’s College,Malta.

Hisworks can be found in public and private collections in Malta,Germany and England.

Artist CV

Upcoming Exhibitions

May2018, We can’t be Lovers, Iniala 5, Valletta, Malta (Solo)

November2018, The Island Within, Ekeren Cultureel Centrum, Belgium (Collective)

Solo Exhibitions

January2018, Culture is Past Art is Future,Iniala 5, Valletta, Malta

January2017, We LOST THE WAR,Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta, Malta

January2016, Quick Fix ; A Morality Tale,Heritage Malta, Valletta, Malta

September2014, Ex Voto,Maritime Museum, Birgu, Malta

Collective Exhibitions (Selected)

February2018, The Snake Show, Valletta, Malta

December2017, Pre Opening, Valletta Contemporary, Valletta, Malta

November2017, Mini Print Collective, Heike Arndt Gallery, Berlin

June2015, Printcycle, Wignacourt Museum, Rabat, Malta

January2015, A Junction, Xarolla Windmill, Zurrieq, Malta

November2014, DivergentThinkers in Brussels, DarMalta, Brussels

May2014, Assimilated Spaces, Xarolla Windmill, Zurrieq, Malta

November2013, Xifer,Collective, Teatru Salezjan, Sliema, Malta

October2013: Divergent Thinkers,Collective, St. James Cavalier, Valletta, Malta

October2013: Maltese Landscapes,Collective, Auberge D’ Italie, Valletta, Malta

July2013: Strada,Collective, Strada Stretta, Valletta, Malta

July2013: Se7en in a Bed,Collective, Guy Lee Tattoo Studio, Mellieħa, Malta

July2013: Titlaq/Tasal, Collective, Xarolla Windmill, Żurrieq,Malta

May2013: Taht il-Mija 3, Collective, Palazzo de la Salle,Valletta, Malta

March2013: Milkshake, Collective, St. James Cavalier, Valletta,Malta

September2012: Ir-Rotta tal-Arti, Collective, Dar Centrali tal-PartitNazzjonalista, Tal-Pieta’, Malta

July2011: Flavours, Collective, MCAST Institute of Art and Design,Mosta, Malta

February2011: Taht il-Mija 2, Collective, Palazzo de la Salle,Valletta, Malta

November2010: The Art of Silence, Collective, Galerie Liberte,Valletta, Malta

July2010: The Tattooist, a site specific installation for a playentitled Ospizio, Ospizio, Floriana, Malta

July2010: Taht il-Mija, Collective, Palazzo de la Salle, Valletta,Malta

July2010: Designation, St. James Cavalier, Valletta,Malta

June2010: TEN, Collective, Magazino (Old Power House), VallettaWaterfront, Malta

August2009: Kinemastik Film Festival, Collective, Journey to the Endof the Night, Floriana, Malta

June2009: Journey to the End of the Night, Collective, MountCarmel Hospital, Attard, Malta


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2013,Xifer, Teatru Salezjan, Sliema

2013,Ambivalence,Xarolla Windmill, Żurrieq

2013,Titlaq/Tasal,Xarolla Windmill, Żurrieq

2010,TEN, Magazino (Old Power House), Valletta Waterfront

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