SOLASTALGIA is a collaborative project investigating summertime in Malta; an attempt at capturing snapshots of the seasonal identities and behaviours assumed and experienced by the Maltese and tourists alike through this period. In this project, Glen Calleja and Ryan Falzon identified landscapes, languages and emotions associated with the Maltese summer. SOLASTALGIA is about grieving the lost landscapes - physical, visual, emotional, sonoric etc - and reconciling with one’s present realities. The image of Malta as a tranquil Mediterranean paradise along with the stereotypical ideas of mellow temperaments and friendly people will be to be explored. It is also an image that evokes a sense of longing for easier days and times, a tourist place with a tourist identity where everything is, as it were, suspended or temporarily paused from real life...whatever that might be, wherever that might be. These are the identities and perceptions that this project is interested in. Furthermore, the project considered  the current realities of the locals marked by new prosperity, spending power and a construction boom or bubble.

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