A continuation of the 2020 lockdown paintings, this extensive series explores the experience of the second COVID-19 pandemic wave in Malta and gardening in a post pandemic scenario. The selection below contains works exhibited in Indoors (Studio 104, Valletta, 2020), BOTANIKA (Studio 87, Valletta, 2020), Friends with Plants (Il-Kamra ta' Fuq, Mqabba, 2022), and Ostrale Biennale (Dresden, 2023)

From the hanging gardens of Babylon to the craze for newly discovered specimens imported from the New World during the Victorian era to the 2020’s plant boom, plants offered grounding, nutrition, and comfort. The halt in the rush of the everyday life and the lack of social pressure brought about by social restrictions, gave individuals the opportunity to breathe and reflect, without experiencing the fear of missing out. Just like many others confined inside domestic spaces during several periods in the past two years, Falzon emphasizes that plants were of a great comfort during the pandemic. Just like painting, indoor gardening is a solitary activity which encourages reflection, routine and growth. An avid gardener himself, Falzon finds comfort in these two parallels activities. 

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