Identity of an Island: Alternative Perspectives was a contemporary art collective and academic conference held at Teatru Astra in Rabat, Gozo in April 2022. Curated by Dr. Mark Sagona, Falzon's body of works, consisting of six paintings and an interactive installation, emerged from the artist's exploration of indoor gardening and its connection to the individual. Inspired by the global plant boom during the Covid-19 pandemic, the artworks investigated the transformative power of gardening within the home.

The paintings and installation presented in Identity of an Island: Alternative Perspectives, under the collective title The silence echoes better with insulation, were created as a response to the ongoing construction boom in the Maltese islands, which has created a dissonance with the local urban and rural texture. This overdevelopment has generated differing opinions among the public, with some advocating for progress while others emphasize conservation and preservation. The artworks questioned whether gardening could be seen as an act of individual resistance in the face of larger forces and explored the relationship between people, plants, and the environment within the Mediterranean region.

The exhibition also delved into the concept of Gozo as a retreat space—a sanctuary where time seems to stand still. The artworks addressed generational gaps and the nostalgia felt by younger generations for a more tranquil and authentic environment. The paintings reflected Gozo's silence, natural landscape, and the ease of reconnecting with the recent past. They depicted a group of plants surrounded by subdued pop colors, creating a serene atmosphere. The installation, constructed from recycled materials, plants, wood, and CCTV cameras, symbolized the insularity of the island and questioned the effects of confinement on identity and progression. The exhibition's works aimed to counteract the rapid urbanization and development in the Maltese islands, allowing viewers to contemplate the role of gardening in preserving a sense of tranquility and authenticity in the face of societal changes.

Overall, Falzon's contribution to Identity of an Island: Alternative Perspectives invited viewers to reflect on the transformative power of gardening, the impact of urbanization on local environments, and the significance of Gozo as a sanctuary. The body of work prompted conversations about the relationship between people, plants, and the preservation of cultural and natural heritage.

A selection of this body of work has been chosen to be part of Ostrale Biennale 2023, Dresden, Germany.

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